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Walking in Mystery was a very thought-provoking mysterious walk and wonderful dance. To examine the soul and ego and the nine arenas of life was to experience acceptance, gratitude, surrender and trust in myself in a new light. The combination of myth and soul was liberating and I have left this seminar with love and gratitude. It was a privilege to be a part of such an exceptional experience. Much gratitude. Diana B., Calgary, AB

This workshop, Walking in Mystery, Dancing in Wonder, was the warmest and closest workshop to my heart. It showed me ways to expand on my journey. To learn that I don't have to figure out my purpose now was huge. To learn the difference between ego and soul as very important to me. The way it was taught between Rhoberta and Charles is very harmonic. I surely enjoyed it! Thank you both for the love and the energy. Monika K., Calgary, AB

Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with the journey I allowed myself to be derailed from. I now give myself permission to live the truth of my soul as a part of the rhythm of the dance. S. Jenkins, Calgary, AB

Thanks for taking me on the path of my journey! The most important part that I will take with me is to be awake and fully present. That is what stands out the most for me today among the many gems that have been scattered in my path. Sharon F., Calgary, AB

Thank you for showing us that the realization of acceptance, the joy of gratitude, the faith of trust and the gift of surrender are realities we can embody and share with each other and the world. Joe Martin, Calgary, AB

Lightbulb moments, belief busting, joyful laughter! I am so grateful for this wonderful experience. A new opportunity awaits…a new story, a new myth. Jennifer D., Calgary, AB

I leave this experience with a new set of eyes…soft eyes. Dennis L., Calgary, AB

Yes, there is peace on earth and it is now more profound in my Soul because of this workshop. Thank you, Charles & Rhoberta. Rev. Gail M., Red Deer, AB

These last two days gave me a new way of looking at ego and soul and seeing how they ebb and flow through my daily life. Thank you. Rev. V.0wens., Red Deer, AB

You have provided me with the tools to make my journey in my life on earth richer and more fulfilling. To love my family with passion and mostly myself. Thank you both. Bert P., Calgary, AB

First, a heartfelt thank you. I have no idea whether or not the workshop illustrated Walking in Mystery, Dancing in Wonder. I do know that what I have taken away I would only have found through the stories, experiences and understanding that you both shared. Ian M., Calgary, AB

I found his seminar life-changing. I promised myself to be more grateful for what I have and to enjoy every moment because it is very precious. Namaste. Sharon P., Calgary, AB

What a bliss to be able to look at my soul, to understand my ego. Now life will be a trustworthy place. I will live by my values and trust in myself. Thank you for the gift. Elizabeth, Calgary, AB

{This seminar} helped me realize (real-eyes) through their powerful, tender, loving, encouraging, gentle, freeing storytelling, metaphysics and psychology that the "sacred cows" once held are gone out to pasture now. My life was transformed, lifted to new heights and excitement builds as I create a new myth and a better story.


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